Meet The Chefs



Meet The Chefs



Happy Belly is the culinary creation of a couple chef friends whose diverse backgrounds, experiences, travels, and charming (if we don’t say so ourselves) personalities combine to help you Gather Together and Eat Well.


Chef Kelly Bailey received her Culinary Degree from Kendall College in Chicago and has been a private chef and culinary instructor for the last 10 years. She was blessed with two amazing grandmothers, one Syrian and one Italian, who opened her eyes to the amazing flavors of the Mediterranean pantry and taught her that food can create and foster love in a truly remarkable way.  Kelly finds tremendous joy in belting out Broadway show tunes, spending time with her (mostly) wonderful children and blanketing things in melted cheese.


Kelly’s kitchen staples:  lemons, fresh herbs, anchovies, sherry vinegar, parmesan, garlic and arugula.


If these are on a menu I’m ordering them:  beef carpaccio, tuna tartare, pates and terrines (spreadable meat in general), linguine with white clam sauce and any dessert involving toasted homemade marshmallow.


Chef Cathy Lazuka believes that delicious food brings people together and makes any day special. A graduate of Kendall College in Chicago, Cathy has ten years of experience as a caterer, private chef, and cooking class instructor. She is passionate about helping others cook and enjoy delicious food with wholesome and yummy ingredients. For Cathy, cooking and sharing food with others is an expression of love. When not cooking, Cathy chases her two small boys and husband Michael and raises money for charitable organizations doing great work.


Cathy’s kitchen staples: wine, garlic, lemons, tomatoes, salt, herbs, olive oil, parmesan and bacon.


If these are on a menu I’m ordering them: fresh pasta, charcuterie and cheese boards, French onion soup, slow-braised meats, and any dessert that includes caramel.